You would need  a car to move around   if you are in an extended vacation or business trip  in Dubai. There is no lack of public transportation in the country including buses, taxis and water taxis called abas, but having a car to drive around is always the most convenient.

There are many car rental companies in Dubai which is business hub of the Middle East and the rest of the world. You have plenty to choose from and you can get any type of car from compacts, vans, SUVs, sedans, etc. If you are partial to a particular brand Dubai car lease companies offer a variety of brands so you should not have a problem leasing the car you are comfortable with.

You can rent short term or long term.  Choosing the latter is a no brainer.  It offers two advantages. Ultimately it is a lot cheaper compared to renting for just a few days and renewing it.  A monthly car rental saves rental companies a lot of   paperwork and higher rate of use of their cars, so they can afford to reduce rates for long term renters.    The other advantage of leasing long term is you do not waste time on renewing your rental.

Leasing the type and brand of car  you are  comfortable with,  meets  your needs and  affordable  are  not  the  only  things that you  have to  consider when you visit  the websites of  a car rental companies. There are the condition and features of their cars, requirements they require from lease applicants, the terms of lease and other essentials like insurance, roadside assistance, etc.  It would be wise also to lease a car from a company that has a driver on standby in case there are times when you are not up to driving yourself and offers various car add ons.  You may have to drive a friend   with a baby around and that requires a baby's car seat.

Staying at least a month in dubai at least a month for an extended vacation or business?  You should not have any difficulty going around dubai since the   public transportation there is sufficient.  But if you do not like hailing taxicabs or waiting in bus stops, there are companies offering car short term and long term car lease deals.  Getting one means you can go anywhere any time you want.